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Ashoka - Education Program

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Client: Ashoka Belgium

Challenge: Showcase change-making practices and encourage entrepreneurship in schools.

Duration: 1 year (2017-2018)


Ashoka asked for guidance in the elaboration of a program that would allow for coaching but also capturing the innovation practices of 10 educative projects selected for their potential of impact if deployed at a larger scale.

The objective was to find a way to inspire other teachers and give them the methodologies to replicate ideas that have proven their impact on the field. The program also had to be helpful for the project owners themselves and give them guidance to further develop and scale their own project.


We looked at existing formats, toolkits and other codification programs aimed at capturing best practices. This helped us co-design a one year program based on 3 key pillars:

  • A kick-off event engaging citizens during one day around the 10 projects selected in order to co-create solutions around their key challenges;
  • A series of process mapping workshops with every project team to capture their best practices and go deeper into their operations. 
  • A set of videos and toolkits around each project aimed at inspiring and empowering other teachers to replicate the ideas in their schools.


After one year, we produced 10 toolkits and videos showing the "how to" of the projects in order to facilitate their replication. You can consult the toolkits and videos here.

You can also have a look at the video of the kick-off event here

The project was a success and has been reconducted for a second year (2018-2019)

More info about Ashoka and the Education Innovation Program.

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