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Fromagerie Herve - Val Dieu

Product Design Consultancy

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Client: Fromagerie Herve Val Dieu

Mission: Design the value proposition of a new dairy product

Duration: 1 day


We had the pleasure to facilitate a one-day workshop with a very multi-disciplinary team in order to co-create the value proposition for a new Belgian cheese.


We started with DNA exercises in order to frame what makes the brand identity.

Then, we worked on personas in order to start thinking in the shoes of the consumer. We simulated interviews through role playing in order to identify the pain points of the consumers and better understand their motivations, frustrations and expectations in the user experience.


We used creative techniques to generate a lot of ideas that the team categorised and selected according to what could be impactful.

Then, based on the Lean Startup Canvas, we identified hypothesis to be tested with users directly to validate the problem/solution fit.

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