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VO Group - Creative Lab

Facilitation & Design Thinking Consultancy

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Client: VO Agency

Mission: Facilitate workshops and co-design a unique toolkit for the VO Creative Lab.

Duration: 1 year


VO Group created VO Lab to share creativity and co-create innovation with their clients and bring them added-value. The objective was to implement a unique format of Creative Lab based on 3 pillars: contributors from all horizons gathered around a dedicated facilitator using a set of agile and creative methodologies.


After almost one year of prototyping with the facilitation of 20+ creative labs, lab consultant Damien De Koninck (Strat&Com) and I gathered our best practices, learnings and observations from the field into a hands-on toolkit.

We wanted to design a dedicated set of frameworks, canvas and facilitation tools adapted to VO Lab's needs and clients typical requirements (branding, value proposition, communication concept, event creation, etc).

The idea was to make sure that anyone willing to facilitate a creative lab could find the appropriate methodologies and tools in our toolkit according to the initial request from the client.


We created 2 types of documents:

  • The Lab booklet with a set of guidelines and typical facilitation tools to pick from.
  • The Lab Canvases with custom A2 posters adapted to the different types of workshops.
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